Traffic Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

Traffic Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

Traffic Lawyer Fairfax VAHave you been charged with a reckless driving offense in Virginia? If so, you should consider speaking with an experienced traffic lawyer Fairfax VA trusts. Having handled thousands of reckless driving cases, Dave Albo – Attorney knows what needs to be done to have your charges reduced or dropped. If you want a lawyer who has a deep knowledge of the law, understands the court system, knows the policies of the prosecutor’s office, and will protect your rights, you should choose to have Dave Albo – Attorney on your side. For a consultation, please call today at (703) 455-0046.

I live out-of-state and have been charged with reckless driving. What should I do now?

Every state’s rules about this matter will vary; however, in general you are required to respond to the ticket in the same manner as in state offenders. If you choose not to have a reckless driving lawyer to represent you, you may need to appear in court to defend yourself.

Unlike a speeding ticket or other type of traffic citation, you cannot mail in your ticket with the fine. Whereas a speeding ticket is typically a Class 1 misdemeanor, a reckless driving ticket is a misdemeanor crime. A traffic lawyer Fairfax VA recommends will tell you that, if you do not show up to your court date, the judge will still convict you. Not only will you likely have a permanent criminal record, additional penalties for failing to show might also be ordered.

As a reckless driving law firm, we know that it is not always easy to return to Virginia. Doing so can be costly and require several days of travel. It is possible to hire a Fairfax traffic lawyer, such as one from Dave Albo – Attorney, to petition the court to appear on your behalf. This means, unless certain circumstances apply, you will not have to be present. In choosing this option, you can save time and money now and well into the future.

The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA

Some of the benefits of hiring a lawyer rather than representing yourself in court could include the following:

  • Your charges/offense could be reduced or dropped;
  • You may not incur several points on your license;
  • You may not be required to spend time in jail;
  • You may avoid an insurance hike;
  • You might not get a permanent criminal record; and
  • You could avoid large fines.

There are a number of possible defenses that a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA drivers seek out might use to fight your case. This is why it is always recommended to talk with a lawyer about all the events leading up to the charge, and even those that preceded the incident.

Concerning Legal Fees

With reckless driving offenses, it is not possible for a lawyer to take a case on a contingency fee basis. Dave Albo – Attorney offers competitive and affordable legal services. We encourage you to call our firm to learn more about fees and payment structures.

The Right Lawyer Could Make a BIG Difference

At this time you can, and should, call a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA regularly turns to for a consultation. In doing so, you might learn about various options, including those of which you might have been unaware. These could act as a major solution to this serious offense.
To speak with a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA prefers now, call Dave Albo – Attorney now at (703) 455-0046.


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