Why Hire The Criminal Attorney Fairfax VA Residents Trust

Why Hire The Criminal Attorney Fairfax VA Residents Trust

Criminal Attorney Fairfax VAWhen you’ve been accused of a crime, especially for the first time, it can be difficult to know whether or not you need a criminal attorney Fairfax VA clients can turn to. But it’s important to realize that nearly all defendants charged with a crime are well-served when they choose to hire legal representation. Because the outcomes can be so serious and may even include prison time, the risk of representing oneself is dangerously high. If you’ve been accused of any crime in the Northern Virginia area, and are seeking a criminal attorney Fairfax VA trusts, consider contacting Dave Albo – Attorney, LLP to speak with a professional who is highly experienced in this area of the law.

Why Hire an Attorney?

People who consider self-representation in criminal cases are often led down this road by the plethora of information they find in books and on the Internet. But knowing criminal law in theory and in practice are two disparate things. Without a criminal attorney Fairfax VA recognizes for their vast amount of experience, you may find yourself floundering in information without the knowledge of what to do in court. Not only that, but your lawyer will be aware that the criminal justice system itself is so complex that you will be hard-pressed to represent yourself well.
Hiring a lawyer can put you in a stronger position as a defendant. Lawyers who specialize in criminal defense cases understand the uniqueness of each case. When you find the right criminal attorney in Fairfax VA who has is thoroughly familiar with the criminal codes, he or she can interpret them for you and better apply them to the details of your particular case.

What Criminal Defense Lawyers Do

A criminal attorney Fairfax VA trusts to seek justice will be diligent in multiple areas. Your criminal defense lawyer will likely do much more than simply question witnesses during a trial. He or she may also do any or all of the following:
  • Work with prosecutors by negotiating for reduced charges or sentences.
  • Help you deal with the legal aspects of your case while you deal with the complex emotions that may arise after you’ve been accused of a crime–such as fear, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.
  • Give you an objective view on your situation, and walk you through the most likely scenarios if and when your case goes to trial. Your attorney’s perspective is crucial should it arise that you have to decide whether or not to accept a plea bargain.
  • Make you familiar with the legal rules related to the crime with which you’ve been charged. This is a major reason why an individual should not represent him- or herself in a criminal case: most of these rules are nearly impossible to leverage without the help of an attorney.
  • Spend time performing research, speaking with witnesses, and gathering documentation on your behalf.

Contact a Fairfax VA Criminal Attorney

Being charged with a crime can alter the course of your life, but the assistance of a skilled legal professional can help lessen those effects.

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