Should I tell a Criminal Lawyer the truth about my situation?

Should I tell a Criminal Lawyer the truth about my situation?

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Criminal law is based on a mixture of facts, the known and the unknown, witness statements, video cameras, interviews and a number of other factors. Criminal lawyers often have a difficult time when their client won’t tell them what happened. As a criminal defense lawyer from a firm like Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law can explain, a lot of clients are concerned that if they tell an attorney the truth, their attorney may not help them as much. This is the complete opposite of the truth: The more your lawyer knows, the better off a client is going to be.

The Truth May Very Well Set You Free

It’s important to tell the truth to your criminal lawyer. There’s a lot of information compiled when it comes to misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, and it’s important that your attorney has a set of baseline facts to operate from. The best attorneys are devoted to helping people, but it’s almost impossible to do so when those great lawyers don’t have a truthful account of what happened.

Being a criminal defense lawyer is no easy job. If your defense attorney is confronted by a District Attorney with information that you didn’t provide your lawyers because you didn’t want to tell them the truth, then your own defense team is caught off guard. The last thing you want is for your own lawyer to be in the dark.

A criminal lawyer should never have to reply with “I’ll get back with you,” when the DA pulls some critical information out of his or her sleeve. It’s not exactly the most persuasive response, and it also creates the impression that the District Attorney has you client caught in a trap, even though they very well might not. Communication with your lawyer is key when it comes to building your defense, and this means telling your lawyer the truth.

Why The Truth Helps

Sometimes a client is focused on factors in a case that may not be helpful in court. while the things they’re not focused on may make all the difference. Telling your criminal lawyer what happened without a focus at all is helpful because it allows your attorney to spot issues in your case and develop a plan around those issues. A lot of clients are reluctant to give an attorney information because of a lack of trust, but you need to trust your lawyer to develop a plan by using as much information as possible.

Bonds and Jail Visits Are Vital to the Criminal Justice Process

When it comes to speaking with a criminal lawyer, the best advice is simply to find an attorney that you feel comfortable being honest with.  If you have pending criminal charges, you need to speak with a top rated criminal lawyer right away – and you need to tell them the truth.

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