What Should I Know about Medicare Fraud?

What Should I Know about Medicare Fraud?

Medicare Fraud Lawyer

For many elderly individuals, Medicare fraud is a serious issue. Medicare is a federal program that provides healthcare insurance to senior citizens 65 years old and older. Hospitals and private clinics accept Medicare payments from patients for their services. However, some healthcare providers abuse the system by violating guidelines and federal requirements to increase their profits. A Medicare fraud lawyer like one from the Morales Law Firm can provide you the legal representation that you need if you have been victimized by a medical provider. 

How Medicare Fraud is Committed

There are many tactics that a medical professional or provider will use to take advantage of unsuspecting elderly patients. These methods are often subtle and difficult to notice until it’s too late. Common examples of Medicare fraud include the following:

  • Higher charges for services
  • Billing for services that the patient did not use
  • False or inaccurate dates of service
  • Misrepresenting a diagnosis 
  • Providing unnecessary tests
  • Directly billing beneficiary instead of Medicare

Fraud Red Flags

Spotting critical red flags can help you avoid becoming a victim of Medicare fraud. Review your bills for accurate information and make sure that you are being charged for services that you actually need. If you notice a pattern of suspicious activity, or you are asking your provider questions but are not getting detailed answers, you may be a fraud victim. If you suspect any incorrect information or activity that might indicate fraud, request a consultation with a Medicare lawyer so that they can evaluate your case and determine the next steps that you should take. 

Ways to Protect Yourself 

Medicare fraud is more than just an inconvenience, it can have severe consequences on your health and finances. Be familiar with the ways you can protect yourself so that you can avoid becoming a victim. Conducting thorough research of medical providers through background checks and consultations from trusted professionals can help you find a suitable provider. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding a particular service so that you can obtain more information. Reach out to trusted individuals so that you can get second opinions when you are searching for a provider. 

How to Get Help 

Get in touch with a qualified and experienced lawyer who knows how the Medicare system works, and is familiar with the laws and federal regulations that providers need to follow. Make sure that you act fast to get the legal help that you need if you have been a victim of Medicare fraud. 

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