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Criminal Attorney Fairfax, VA

Criminal Attorney Fairfax, VA

Criminal Attorney Fairfax, VA

Dave Albo is a criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA with over 30 years of experience. He has handled over 3,000 cases during his illustrious career, representing clients facing a litany of different charges.

Criminal Attorney Fairfax, VA

When you’re charged with a crime, a host of different concerns and emotions may run through your mind. Your family, your livelihood, and your reputation may be at stake.

Although it feels overwhelming, it’s important not to panic. People charged with a crime, no matter how serious, have rights. Law enforcement must act according to the law before, during, and after the trial, and they must convincingly prove their case in a court of law. Everyone – EVERYONE – is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Dave Albo is an experienced criminal defense attorney that vigorously defends his client’s rights, ensuring they’re treated fairly from the moment of arrest. Call today and set up an initial consultation.

Criminal Attorney Fairfax, VA

The stages of a criminal proceeding vary depending on the charge’s nature. Misdemeanors and felonies are treated differently by the justice system, with the court, means of service, and type of trial depending on how the crime is classified.

In the Virginia legal system, felonies are considered more serious crimes than misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is any charge that carries a maximum sentence of one year, and a felony is any crime with a maximum sentence of more than one year.

Fairfax, VA criminal attorney Dave Albo has experience handling both misdemeanor and felony cases. No matter the nature of the crime, he has his client’s back.

I Was Charged with a Crime, What Happens Next?

If you’re charged with a misdemeanor, you will either be served with a Virginia Unified Summons with a court date, or you will be given an arrest warrant and placed under arrest.

Even if you’re held without bond, you may need an attorney to file a bond motion on your behalf before you can be released.

If you’re charged with a felony, you will be given a warrant of an arrest that contains a preliminary hearing date and an arraignment date.

The preliminary hearing will take place at a Virginia District Court, which will certify the case as a felony and transfer the case to a Virginia Circuit Court. Note, the District Court does not have the authority to convict you of a crime, only the circuit has the power to convict.

When the case is certified and sent to the circuit court, you will be tried. You always have the right to a jury trial.

Dave Albo is a criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA with decades of experience protecting the rights of ordinary people. This experience has granted him a unique understanding of criminal law and procedure. In fact, he served as chairman of the House Court of Justice Committee for over a decade and wrote many of Virginia’s criminal statutes himself.

Being charged with a crime is scary, but it’s important not to lose hope. Call the Offices of Attorney Dave Albo today and let him fight for you!


“David Albo is amazing – super professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend retaining Dave’s services. He went out of his way to ensure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. Very friendly and quick to respond.”
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