Drug Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

Drug Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

Defending Against Criminal Charges

Defending Against Criminal ChargesIf you need a drug lawyer Fairfax VA residents turn to, contact us at Dave Albo Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of those charged with drug crimes. We may represent you even if you have not yet been charged. Call us  so we may begin work on your case as soon as possible.

Possible Drug Charges

Whether you’re awaiting charges or have been charged but are hoping for a lesser charge, you may not be aware of the most common drug-related offenses. A drug lawyer Fairfax VA offers could review your case and anticipate what additional charges you may face. You may be facing one or more of these charges:

  • Drug possession. If you are found to have a controlled and dangerous substance in your possession (in your vehicle, home, or on your person) you may be charged with possession.
  • Intent to sell. If you’re caught with a controlled and dangerous substance in your possession and the law enforcement officer believed you intended to sell it, you may be charged with intent. A good drug lawyer Fairfax VA provides may determine if you truly demonstrated intent or if that charge should be dismissed and on what grounds.
  • Selling drugs. This charge is reserved for when a person is caught in the act of selling drugs, either to an undercover officer or to a citizen.
  • Drug trafficking. If you are caught transporting a controlled and dangerous substance, you might be charged for trafficking. The laws vary according to how and where you are transporting the drugs, for instance across state lines may vary from leaving or entering the country. Also, additional laws may apply if you are trafficking via airplane as opposed to on the ground.

Unlawful Searches and Seizures

Police officers, government representatives, and others in positions of authority are not always correct or even within the law. Drug investigations are not an exception. We have seen time and time again when those hired to protect the people actually infringe on those very peoples’ rights. The average drug lawyer in Fairfax Virginia has likely seen their share of unlawful searches and seizures of innocent persons’ property.

Unlawfully Obtained Confessions

If a confession was unlawfully obtained from you, a drug lawyer Fairfax VA locals turn to in similar circumstances may argue that the confession should be thrown out. Dave Albo – Attorney, L.L.P. attorneys are well-trained in recognizing when the rights of our clients have been infringed upon. In some instances, our attorneys have been able to get our clients’ drug charges dropped completely.

A Drug Lawyer Fairfax VA Offers May Impact the Outcome of Your Charges

While you might qualify for a court appointed lawyer, the choice to hire a private drug lawyer in Fairfax VA could have a significant impact on your charges and overall outcome. Whether you have been charged for paraphernalia, the suppression of meth, a first time drug offense, or multiple count felony drug charges, we are prepared to guide you through the process while protecting your rights and interest. If you don’t know why you should retain a drug lawyer Fairfax VA trusts, consider the following:

Anticipate Your Exposure

An experienced drug lawyer Fairfax VA relies on can anticipate your potential exposure such as your sentencing and consequences of the charges. Having a clear understanding of all the potential penalties can help you to make a smart, informed decision on whether or not you should accept a deal or go to trial. The impact of a disposition, in which you may learn about the ability to clear your record (for example), might also be understood more reliably. This too is very important to know about well in advance.

A Lawyer Understands the Court Process

A Fairfax drug lawyer like Dave Albo – Attorney, L.L.P., is well versed in the representation of drug crimes offenders in Virginia. The familiarity of predispositions, sentencing, and trial can be valuable to defendants. We also know many of the prosecutors and judges which may assist in effective communication measures. This might impact the decision as to what charges, and their respective punishment, are filed.

You Get the Attention You Need

Unfortunately, public defenders do not often have the necessary time needed to review your case and build a good defense. By hiring a drug lawyer Fairfax VA resident’s count on, you can feel confident in knowing your case can get the attention required to protect and serve your best interests. At our firm, we limit our caseload which enables us to devote our resources to our clients. We have exceptional resources including expert witnesses, doctors, and forensic laboratories. Each of these can be useful when trying to have your charges reduced or dropped. We also can meet with you to inform you of what’s going on, explain our defense strategy, and demystify the entire process.

Experience in Fighting Drug Crimes

Often drug cases involve infringements on the Fourth Amendment search and seizure protections. As a leading drug lawyer Fairfax VA provides, we carefully analyze any evidence that may have been used to obtain a warrant. We also may examine the scope of the warrant and how the search was executed. If we believe there to be any suppression of illegally obtained evidence, or any other rights infringement, we can be ready to seek a dismissal of any charges filed, or a reduction in the charge.

Mitigate the Impact on Your Personal Life

We understand the impact drug charges can have on your family. While we can be there for you, we can also take your family into consideration. Whether your family may need protection from harm or assistance in avoiding seizure of assets and/or property, we may be able to help. Call a drug lawyer Fairfax VA depends on as soon as possible to get started.

Contact Us for Legal Representation

Having an experienced attorney by your side can make all the difference in whether or not you stay in jail until trial. Our attorneys may also work on your behalf to negotiate fines and possibly bargain your plea down to a lesser charge. Don’t risk your future by using an overworked public defender to represent you. Call us today at Dave Albo – Attorney, L.L.P. to meet with a drug lawyer Fairfax VA citizens trust to protect their rights.

If you’ve been charged with a drug-related offense, whether you’re a juvenile or adult, you may be facing serious repercussions. After a review of your case, a Fairfax drug lawyer from Dave Albo – Attorney, L.L.P. may help you reduce the likelihood of steep fines and serious jail time. A criminal record can follow you around through the rest of your life, making your personal and professional life very difficult.


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